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On March 12th 2011, Tomonokai began the process of earthquake - tsunami response by reaching out to the members of its community through the mailing list.

On March 13th, Tomonkai organized volunteers to locate and establish contact with our members in the affected region to determine their situations and reassure them of our support.

On March 14, Tomonokai reactivated the MTP High Level Advisory Panel

On March 16th, Tomonkai volunteers initiated the "Third Responders Initiative"

On March 18th, Tomonkai volunteers initiated the  "Kesennuma Lives" project.

On March 31st, Tomonokai established the first videoconference link between the
Education Ministry and the affected area.

On April 15th, Tomonakai met with Ministry of Education officials to explore ways of implementing a Global Exchange Program.

On April 16th, Tomonokai sent sewing kits to Kesennuma shelters and computers with cellular videoconferencing capacities to Kesennuma school officials. Tomonokai representatives also participated in a seminar on informal science education in preparation for exchange activities.

Upcoming Events

Late May informal science education outreach to Kesennuma region.

June 24-26th Mapping the Future Conference and workshops at United Nations University in Tokyo




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